Al Schramm grew up in Oklahoma and has always enjoyed helping out friends and family when they are in need. From his early days as a grocery store stocker and checker, to his time selling racing parts and fuel during college, he has always been there to help people. He has been a web developer for over twenty years and continues to do so when he's not hanging out with his wife Shena-Rae or their 3 sons. Now with their family business, Al loves helping customers decide what to order.

Shena-Rae Schramm grew up in southern Mississippi as one of eight siblings. As the oldest daughter she always loved to cook dinner with her mother. After nearly a decade-long career as a trial lawyer in Oklahoma, she changed careers to harness her life-long love of cooking. She attended Le Cordon Bleu in Portland, Oregon and graduated at the top of her class before relocating to Virginia. Upon receiving a diagnosis of celiac disease, Shena-Rae decided it was time to find a way to provide delicious comfort food without gluten and still keep it gourmet.

Shena-Rae and Al talked for several years about the possibility of creating a potato-based food truck business. Because - who doesn't love potatoes?!! What a bonus that they are gluten free!

Southern Spud food truck was created in November 2018, and this couple is loving going around Richmond and the surrounding areas bringing their Southern-inspired potato dishes to potato lovers. Seeing amazing customers return and chatting with them makes their day!